Good Warren Cook-Brian

Warren Cook-Shy Girl

Warren's dad-Alan

Warren's Mom-Catherine


Good Warren grounds his evil impostor and he gets rewarded.


Good Warren Cook: Evil me, you are grounded grounded grounded! It's because you keep making fake VHS openings and watching movies made by Disney! Also, you sound like Fievel from An American Tail because your voice is Shy Girl! 

(Warren enters angry)

Warren Cook: That's him! My impostor grounded me!

Warren's dad: Well, you deserve it! This is what you get for making fake VHS openings and only your impostor can watch Disney movies, not you!

Warren's mom: Also, the reason why your voice is Shy GIrl is because that's your punishment for making fake VHS openings! Go to your room now!

Warren Cook: (Buzz Lightyear's nooooooooooooooooo soundclip)

Warren's dad: Thank you for grounding my son. You know you make real Disney openings than he does.

Warren's mom: You are ungrounded for life. This means we will go to Chuck E. Cheese's later tonight.