Good Harry, Harry-Joey






The Good Harry grounds his evil impostor and gets ungrounded.


Good Harry: Evil me, you are grounded ground grounded for 1000 years! It's because you kept on looking up porn, rated R movies and other innapropriate things! I wish your pet crocodile would die due to being burned by Custard!

(Harry runs in angry)

Good Harry: Yes! I grounded the evil version of me!

Harry: There he is! He grounded me!

Steve: Well you deserve it! You kept on betraying users, made fake VHS openings, watched movies you know you shouldn't be watching and more bad things! The good version of you is way more better than you! Also, you will receive punishments from visitors such as Roadbuster, Topspin, Leadfoot and your teachers as well! Go to your room now!

Harry (running upstairs): You're so mean to me!

Steve: Thank you for grounding my son. You know that you do better than him. Go home now.

(at home)

Lily: Good Harry, thank you for grounding the evil version of you. You know he's worse than Warren.

Kumi: You are now ungrounded.

Jazzi: You can do whatever you want.