• Adrianna has to do her business during a date with Andrew. She goes to the bathroom and gets back as soon as possible.´
  • Kendra has to go during a forest trip. She does her business there and her dad Patrick gives her toilet paper.
  • During a private Destiny and Nicole both need to use the bathroom. Usually they would use the bathroom together but now Destiny's boyfriend Linus and Nicole's boyfriend Brian want to be with them. They can't say no and so they both use different bathrooms. Both girls allow their boyfriends to see the "result". At the end the couples kiss.
  • Caley is going to play Five Nights At Freddy's, When he gets jumpscared, She pees her pants
  • Rouge the Bat, Blaze the Cat and Amy Roze are constipated, Sonic gave them papaya
  • Inez Thomas is going to poop tight before school starts. When she gets in the bathroom and there is a spider then she shouts
  • Michelle (Kendra's little sister) is going to suspect if there are spiders insid their houses.She peed her pants
  • Ashley (Liliam's older sister, she is 12 years old) is going to go on a nature trip. She pooped on the grass


Julie - Adrianna

Kendra- Kendra

Nicole/Destiny- Kayla/Emma Linus- Diesel Brian-David

Eric- Andrew

Caley- Princess

Cream/Blaze/Amy Rose- Princess/Salli/Kimberly

Sonic- Young Guy

Inez Thomas- Ivy

Michelle- Kimberly

Liliam- Shy Girl

Ashley- Salli