Characters Edit

Girls Who Got Grounded Edit

Carley, Zara, Summer, Andrette-Princess




Girls Who Did Not Got Grounded/Parents Edit


Carley's dad, Zara's dad, Andrette's dad-Diesel

Miley and Lise's dad, Security Guard-Steven

Summer's dad-Brian

Angelina's dad-Eric

Angelina's mom-Kate

Carley's mom, Lise and Miley's mom-Emma

Summer's mom-Susan

Zara's mom, Andrette's mom-Kimberly

Caley, Krista, Orla, Kimberley-Kimberly

Summary Edit

The girls get grounded for spoiling the ending to Ruby in Paradise. The phrase "your father's right missy" is heard 7 times due to the fact that there are 7 girls.

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