Adrianna-Julie, Kidaroo

12th Grade Teacher-Susan

11th Grade Teacher-Steven


Gianna's dad-Paul, Scary Voice

Gianna's mom-Susan


Gianna gets in so much trouble.


Gianna: I hate Adrianna! She's in 12th grade and is about to go to college! I got it! I will get her held back to 11th grade! First, I will put a gun in her backpack!

(she puts a gun in her backpack)

Gianna: Now let's get out of here.

Adrianna: I'm so excited that it's the last day of school.

(at 12th grade)

12th Grade Teacher: It's the last day of school and it's also show and tell. Adrianna, do you have something to show me?

(she holds a gun)

12th Grade Teacher: Adrianna, why do you have a gun? Go to 11th Grade!

Adrianna: But...

12th Grade Teacher: No buts! Leave already!

(in 11th grade)

11th Grade Teacher: Welcome back to 11th Grade. Now let's do some math.

Adrianna: I can't believe I got sent to 11th Grade for something I didn't do. (Kidaroo's voice) WAIT A MINUTE! IT WAS GIANNA WHO PUT THE GUN IN MY BACKPACK AND GOT ME SENT BACK TO 11TH GRADE! I WILL TALK TO THE PRINCIPAL ABOUT THIS!

(in office)

Principal: So Adrianna, why are you here?

Adrianna: I need to go back to 12th Grade.

Principal: You have to finish this grade and then you can go back to 12th Grade.

Adrianna: I know but my sister Gianna just put a gun in my backpack during 12th Grade and she's the one who got me held back to this grade.

Principal: If this is the case, you're back in 12th Grade.

(in 12th Grade)

12th Grade Teacher: Adrianna, did they make you graduate early?

Adrianna: Yes they did but Gianna got me sent back to 11th grade by putting a gun in my backpack.

12th Grade Teacher: For telling the truth, you can go home early.

(at home)

Gianna's dad: So Adrianna, how was your school day? I heard you're angry.

Adrianna: I am because Gianna got me held back!


(at home)

Gianna's dad: Gianna, how dare you put a gun in Adrianna's backpack and get her sent back to 11th grade?

Adrianna: I was in 11th grade but I spoke the truth. Now I get to go to college.

Gianna: But Dad and Adrianna, I'm sorry.

Gianna's dad: Sorry won't do. You are grounded grounded grounded until Adrianna graduates from college!

Gianna's mom: Go to your room now!

Gianna (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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