Characters Edit

Fluttergirl- Tween Girl

Princess Matilda- Princess

Clerk- Diesel

PFFR Productions- Kidaroo

PFFR's dad- Diesel

PFFR's mom- Jennifer

Plot Edit

Fluttergirl asked Princess Matilda to go to Taco Bell and she said yes. When Fluttergirl arrived, she ordered 10 quesadillas, 8 burritos and cinnamon twists. However, the clerk told Fluttergirl there were no more cinnamom twists so he offered her a churro instead. Before Fluttergirl could get angry, PFFR Productions at a nearby table threw a fit all because he wanted McDonald's. His parents told him they are not having McDonald's. To this, PFFR Productions throws then dinner away and PFFR Productions is kicked out of Taco Bell. Fluttergirl calmed down and had a churro instead. Fluttergirl was ungrounded.

Transcript Edit

Fluttergirl: Hey Matilda.

PM: What is it Fluttergirl?

Fluttergirl: Can I go to Taco Bell?

PM: Sure.

(at Taco Bell)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Fluttergirl: I'll have 10 quesadillas, 8 burritos and cinnamon twists.

Clerk: I'm sorry but there are no more cinnamon twists.

Fluttergirl: You must be joking!

Clerk: Don't feel bad. How about a churro instead?

(cuts to table)

PFFR Productions: I want McDonald's!

PFFR's Dad: We are not having McDonald's! We are having Taco Bell so eat!

PFFR Productions: No way! I want McDonald's!

Fluttergirl (offscreen): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

PFFR's mom: I said don't talk to us like that! Now you made Fluttergirl cry!

PFFR Productions: I don't care about Fluttergirl! I care about McDonald's!

PFFR's mom: If you continue to bribe, you will get grounded!

PFFR Productions: That's it! I'm throwing everything away in the garbage!

(PFFR Productions throws table away)

PFFR's Dad: Oh (20X)! How dare you throw our dinner away! And now it made Fluttergirl cry loudly! That's it! You're kicked out of Taco Bell!

Clerk: Don't cry. Have a churro instead.

Fluttergirl: I wasn't crying because I couldn't get any cinnamon twists.

Clerk: Why were you crying?

Fluttergirl: PFFR was at a nearby table was with his parents. He refused to eat his dinner and he demanded he wanted McDonald's. Then he knocked the table over and I'm sure PFFR is going to be grounded for life. That is why I was crying. Anyway, I'll have a churro instead.

Clerk: Here you go.

PM: Fluttergirl, thanks for behaving at Taco Bell. You are not grounded.

(PFFR Production's house)

PFFR's dad: How dare you make Fluttergirl cry and throw our dinner away! You are grounded for life!