Fluttergirl-Tween Girl

Princess Matilda-Princess







Fluttergirl goes to Burger King and accepts the fact that she doesn't get what she wants as Caillou is overreacting that he wants Chuck E Cheese's in the background.


Fluttergirl: Hey, Matilda?

Princess Matilda: Yes, Fluttergirl.

Fluttergirl: Can I go to Burger King?

Princess Matilda: Sure but don't get into trouble.

Fluttergirl: Okay.

(at Burger King)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Fluttergirl: I'll have 20 chicken nuggets, large fries and lemonade,

Clerk: I'm sorry I have to say this Fluttergirl but the lemonade was limited edition only.

Fluttergirl: What do you mean?

Clerk: This season is currently Winter and Springtime is about to start. We only serve lemonade in Summer.

So how about a strawberry milkshake instead?

Fluttergirl: Look at what's happening.

Clerk: What is it?

(cuts to table)

Caillou: I want Chuck E Cheese's!

Boris: We are not having Chuck E Cheese's! We are having Burger King so eat it!

Caillou: No way!

Doris: Oh yes way!

Caillou: That's it! I'm throwing everything in the garbage!

(throws the table away)

Boris: Caillou, how dare you throw the food stuff in the garbage!

Caillou: Shut up nitpicker! I wish you were dead from Jet the Hawk!

Doris: Caillou, how dare you tell us to shut up, call my husband a nitpicker, and tell him to die from Jet the Hawk! That's it!

Boris: You are grounded when we get home! There will be no Chuck E Cheese's for you!

(cuts back to Counter)

Fluttergirl: Princess Matilda, why are you here? I'm just about to place my order.

Princess Matilda: I just heard that Caillou wanted Chuck E Cheese's for lunch so he refused to eat his meal. He might be grounded for life. I also heard that lemonade was only served in the Summer.

Clerk: So what can I get you?

Fluttergirl: Like I said before but one of them is different. I'll have a strawberry milkshake.

Clerk: Here you go.

(at Caillou's house as Pomp and Circumstance plays)

Boris: Caillou, you are grounded for 12 days! This means wearing diapers, riding in a stroller, eating baby food and much more!

Rosie: Start watching baby shows for toddlers I ordered from Amazon using your dad's credit card.

Caillou: That's impossible! She can't do that!

Doris: Actually, Rosie had permission from us to use our credit card! Start watching these shows unless you want to be grounded for 24 days!

(at Fluttergirl's house)

Princess Matilda: Thanks for going with the flow. You are now ungrounded.

Fluttergirl: Thanks you are the best.