Flu shots are what troublemakers or sometimes good characters get flu shots for their healthy charts. But the troublemaker getting it mostly rejects the flu shot and threathens to stay home as a rejection to the shot. Then when in the hospital. the doctor comes in for the flu shot then the troublemaker was afraid. Then when the doctor is nearly to give the shot. Then the troublemakers threathens to give out the flu shot to the doctor

Then. it comes to the family member to give the troublemaker a flu shot or a blood draw on the eyes, legs, etc.

Flu Shot Videos Edit

These are the concepts of grounded videos that include the healthy life of a troublemaker of a flu shot. It is often made with characters that the creator hates.

Other reasons why the troublemakers get grounded. Edit

Out of school expulsion


Getting eliminated See [[[[Vote Me Out]]]

Getting a bad grade at school

Getting in dead meat

Making a video out of an innocent users

Faking sick to cut off the test

Going Trick or treating

Watching their favorite show

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