Cooper's Mom-Kate

Cooper's Dad-Diesel



Warren Cook-Shy Girl


Flora gets the Kit Kat Ice Cream instead of the Aero-Mint Ice Cream as at a nearby table, Cooper Collins. demands that he wants McDonald's.


Flora: Hey mom.

Mom: What is it Flora?

Flora: Can I go to Supermacs?

Mom: Yes but you have to go yourself but I will check on you later.

(at Supermacs)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Flora: I'll have a cheeseburger, large fries, a coke and an Aero-Mint Ice Cream.

Clerk: I'm sorry but the Areo-Mint Ice Cream is sold out but you can still have a Kit Kat Ice Cream.

Flora: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Clerk: Why are you counting to 10?

Flora: That's my strategy of calming down. Also, look at the kid in the white shirt and glasses. He does not like Supermacs.

Clerk: What do you mean?

(at Cooper's table)

Cooper: I want McDonald's!

Cooper's Dad: We are not having McDonald's! We are having Supermacs so eat it!

Cooper: No! I want McDonald's!

Cooper's Mom: We are not having McDonald's!

Cooper: I will get rid of it!

(Cooper knocks down the table)

Cooper's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! How dare you knock down the table! When we get home we're going to give you some punishments!

(at Cooper's house)

Cooper's dad: First punishment, barfing!

(everyone barfs on Cooper)

Warren Cook: Second punishment, putting on your nappy!

Cooper: You better not put a nappy on me!

Warren Cook: Your nappy is on! You will go peepee and poopoo in your nappy rather than the toilet! Now to turn you into a baby!

Cooper (Shy Girl's voice): I'm sorry you guys!

Warren Cook: You will stay as a baby forever!

(back at Supermacs)

Flora: Mom, what are you doing here?

Mom: Flora, I heard that Cooper Collins didn't like Supermacs so he knocked down the table. I'm sure he will get grounded forever. By the way, why is Warren's voice Shy Girl?

Flora: Warren's voice is Shy Girl because his dad Alan caught him making fake VHS openings and grounded videos out of good users. That was his punishment. Even worse, Warren also made ungrounded videos out of bad users as well.

Mom: What would you like?

Flora: Like I said before but I'll have a Kit Kat Ice Cream instead.

Clerk: Here you go.

Mom: Thank you for going with the flow. You are now ungrounded.

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