This is my first Filomena transcript here. Please don't hate me for this.


Cast Edit


Kayla McKinney, Ella Brickley-Gormley, and Madeline Bowersock-Emma ( Kayla ), Kimberly ( Ella ) and Kendra ( Madeline )

Filomena's dad-Dave

Filomena's mom-Salli

Hayden Bowersock, Aiden Brickley-Gormley, and Kaden McKinney-Brian ( Hayden ), Steven ( Aiden ) and Simon ( Kaden )

Ann Gormley, Jenniffer Bowersock and Ashley McKinney-Allison ( Ann and Jenniffer ) and Kimberly ( Ashley )

Content Warning Edit

There is child abuse on here! And violence and sibling abuse! You have been warned!

Summary Edit

Filomena does something really nasty. She makes a transcript involving a Bowersock sister, a Brickley-Gormley sister and a McKinney sister in a death scene and them being hung until death by the noose. Filomena was so grounded.

Transcript Edit

Filomena: I am going to make a death transcript.

( 1 hour later )

Filomena: That will be funny.

Preview Edit

Hayden: Maddie, Ella and Kayla, you will be convicted of murder of Jennifer Evans.

Aiden: Strap them in.

( Kaden straps his sister, Ella and Maddie in )

Kaden: They will be executed by hanging by the noose until death.

Hayden: OK.

Zoe ( of Banjany Family ): Please don't! Please! It's not their fault that Jennifer Evans got killed, she died of breast cancer fucks!

( the next day )

Aiden: Hang them.

Kaden: OK.

Hayden: Do your fucking job already!

Aiden: OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK!

( Kaden hangs his sister, Madeline and Ella )

Hayden: They shall die!

Aiden: Any last fucking words?

Madeline: HELP ME!

Kayla: HELP ME!

Ella: HELP ME!




( but they arrive too late? )

( the unfortunate victims died )

Ann, Jenniffer and Ashley: NO OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!

( the end )

The Normal Transcript Edit

Filomena: I will name it "Kayla McKinney, Ella Brickley-Gormley, and Madeline Bowersock Get Hung by the Noose Until Death" and upload it on the NintendoYes WeaponsNo Wikia. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

( after the page has been created, it went viral )

Filomena: It is already has over 4578000881771771616 views!

Feel free to continue, I can't fucking think of anything else to put.

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