Faillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack




Similar to Caillou Disrespects Mr. Hinkle's Funeral but this time, Mr. Hinkle's wife passes away and Faillou cares about her.


Faillou: Mom and Dad, why are you crying?

Boris: Faillou, Mrs. Hinkle passed away. You have to be on your best behavior.

Doris: You also have to do better than your older brother Caillou. 

Faillou: Okay. I will do my best.

(at church)

Boris: Mrs. Hinkle was the best woman. Like her husband Mr. Hinkle, she helped us fix birdhouses. Now Faillou, it's your turn to share your thoughts about her.

Faillou: Mrs. Hinkle was a nice woman. I loved her and so did my brothers Aaillou, Baillou and some others as well. Even though one of my brothers, Caillou, was mean to her husband when he passed away, I still miss her. I think she's the best person in the world.

Boris: Faillou, thank you for saying good things about Mrs. Hinkle. That was the most respectful speech I heard in my life. You are ungrounded forever.

(at home)

Faillou: Now I get to do what I want.

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