Characters Edit

Evil Pingu - Alan

Sophie the Otter - Kayla

Computer - Dallas

Custard - Jennifer

Plot Edit

Evil Pingu gets grounded for throwing a vase at the computer and killed by Custard

Transcript Edit

Evil Pingu: I am going to play Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud Nine on my computer.


Evil Pingu (talking like Tvforadults): SHUT UP!

(Evil Pingu throws a vase at the computer)

Sophie the Otter: Evil Pingu! How dare you break the computer by throwing a vase at it? You know it costs one hundred dollars! That's it! You are grounded forever! And for that, you'll get killed by Custard!

(Custard appears)

Custard: Prepare to die!

(Robbie Rotten appears and hides Custard killing Evil Pingu for good)

Robbie Rotten: Don't let your kids watch it!