Characters Edit

Evil Pingu - Alan

Sophie the Otter - Kayla

Plot Edit

Evil Pingu gets in trouble for singing If You Were Gay from Avenue Q

Transcript Edit

Evil Pingu: I am going to sing If You Were Gay from Avenue Q

Evil Pingu: If You Were Gay, That'd be ok, I mean cause hey, I'd like you anyway, Because you see, If it were me, I would feel free to say that I was gay (but I'm not gay)

Evil Pingu: If You Were Queer, I'd still be here, year after year, because you're dear to me, And I knew that you, would accept me too, If I told you today, Hey, Guess What?, I'm gay! (but I'm not gay)

Evil Pingu: I'm happy just being with you, so what should it matter to me what you do in bed with guys?

Evil Pingu: If you were gay, I'd shot hurray, and here I stay, but I wouldn't get in your way, You can count on me, to always be beside you everyday, to tell you it's ok, you were just born that way, and as they say, it's in your D.N.A. You're gay!

Evil Pingu: Uh oh! It's Sophie the Otter!

Sophie the Otter: Evil Pingu! How dare you sing If You Were Gay from Avenue Q? You know I hate that song! That's it! You are grounded forever! Go to your room now!


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