Characters Edit

Evil Pingu - Alan

Sophie the Otter/Kayla Eastern - Kayla

Tess Eastern - Shy Girl

Plot Edit

Evil Pingu gets his GoAnimate account terminated

Transcript Edit

Evil Pingu: I am going to make a grounded video out of Tess Eastern

(5 minutes later)

Evil Pingu: Yes! I made a grounded video out of Tess Eastern, Let's preview the video

[in footage of Tess Eastern gets her DVDs taken away]

Kayla Eastern: Tess! How dare you punch and bite me? That's it! You are grounded forever! As for your punishment, I will take away your Dora, Diego and Barney DVDs

Tess Eastern: No, no, no, no, no! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Sophie the Otter: Evil Pingu! How dare you make a grounded video out of Tess Eastern? That's it! You are grounded forever, Go to bed now! And I will close your GoAnimate account!


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