Erika's mom-Kimberly

Erika's dad-Diesel


Zara gets grounded.


Erika's mom: Why are you crying Erika?

Erika: Zara forced me to watch the news.

Erika's dad: Thanks for telling us that, Erika, you are ungrounded. Zara, however is grounded.

(at living room)

Zara: What is it mom and dad?

Erika's dad: We talked to Erika. She told me you forced her to watch the news! How could you!

Zara: Come on. Erika made a fake lockdown, so I said, "You're defitely standing" but before Erika could speak, I commanded, "STAND!"

Erika's dad: Well, only grownups can say that to teenagers! As for this, you are grounded for 12 weeks!

Erika's mom: I agree with your father! Go to your room!

Zara: Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!


That was before Zara's voice became Diesel.

We learn it's not Zara's job to command Erika to stand before she has to watch the news.

This is a sequel to Erika makes a fake lockdown and gets grounded

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