Erika gets Kumi an iPod and gets ungrounded is an ungrounded series


  • Erika-Julie
  • Kumi-Kimberly
  • Erika's dad-Diesel
  • Erika's mom-Kimberly


Erika's mom: Today is April 5 and it is Kumi's birthday, We bought an iPod from the Apple Store and we will give it to Kumi

(At Kumi's house)

  • (The music Morning star plays)
  • Kumi: Erika, what is your gift
  • Erika: An iPod.
  • Kumi: Nice.
  • Erika's dad: Erika, you got Kumi an iPod, You are now ungrounded.
  • Erika's mom: Now you can throw a dance party with Zoey, Sophie, Evelyn, Kumi, Elizer, Linda, Julie, Maya, Krista, Candace, Lisa, Crystal and Daisy, Stacy, Taylor, Lilly, Flora, Annabelle, Zara, Paulina and Lizzy.

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