Security Guard-Dallas

Police Officer-Dallas

Erika's dad-Diesel

Erika's mom-Kimberly


Erika does a good job filming the elevator.


Erika: Here we come to the elevator at 601 Burnsville Street. Let's go to floor 8.

(at floor 8)

Zara: Erika, how dare you film the elevator! You are not allowed to do that! That's it! I'm taking you back down!

(Zara sees H)

Zara: What does H mean? I think it means help.

(on level H)

Security Guard: So Zara, why did you send Erika here?

Zara: Erika was filming the elevators so I sent her here!

Security Guard: Zara, you are grounded for getting Erika in trouble! The reason why she was filming the elevator was because she had permission from me as well as her parents! Also, you have taken Erika to the wrong floor! H does not mean help! It means Helipad! The police are here to arrest you!

Police Officer: You are under arrest for trying to get Erika in trouble! Come with me!

(in jail)

Erika's dad: Zara, how dare you try to get your sister in trouble for filming the elevator? You know a security guard gave her permission to film the elevator! 

Erika's mom: You are grounded until you get out of jail!

(at home)

Erika's dad: Erika, thank you for filming the elevator. You know you had permission to do that.

Erika's mom: You are ungrounded for life.

Erika: Thank you. 

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