Nevaro-Young Guy/Charlie

Zara (mentioned)

Annabelle (mentioned)



Derek's dad-Alan

Derek's mom-Catherine


Erika's dad-Diesel

Erika's mom-Kimberly

Perry (mentioned)

Maya (mentioned)


Erika gets the vanilla milkshake instead of the strawberry milkshake.


Lily: Erika, I have something to tell you.

Erika: What is it it Lily?

Lily: Since your parents are at work and your sisters Zara and Annabelle are at school, my boyfriend and I are in charge of you.

Nevaro: Be a good girl, Erika.

Erika: I will but anyway, can I go to Joe's Burger Shop.

Lily: Okay.

(at Joe's Burger Shop)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Erika: I'll have 6 fish sticks, a root beer and a strawberry milkshake.

Clerk: I hate to say this Erika but we're currently out of strawberry milkshakes.

Erika: Really? Come on!

Clerk: Don't feel bad. The vanilla milkshakes are still available.

Erika: I don't mean the strawberry milkshakes are sold out. Look at the Crystal family.

(at table)

Derek: I want McDonald's!

Derek's dad: We are not having McDonald's! We're having Joe's Burger Shop so eat it!

Derek: No! I want McDonald's!

Derek's mom: You heard your father, we're not having McDonald's!

Derek: That's it! I'm throwing everything away in the garbage!

(he throws everything away)

Derek's dad: Derek, how dare you throw our food in the garbage! That's it!

Derek's mom: We're leaving because you threw our dinner away!

(at home)

Kumi: Derek, why are you so mean to us in the restaurant? You need to learn your lesson young man!

Derek: I don't care Kumi! I wish you were dead!

Derek's dad: Derek, how dare you wish your sister dead! That's it! I'm going to put a nappy on you!

Derek (after his dad put a nappy on him): That hurts!

Derek's dad: Now you will pee and poop in your nappy instead of the toilet!

(back at Joe's Burger Shop)

Erika: Mom and Dad, why are you here?

Erika's dad: Since our shift was over, we thought of stopping here for dinner.

Erika's mom: I heard that Derek was a naughty boy. He threw his dinner and then threatened his sister Kumi dead. I'm sure he will get grounded for life. How's it going with Lily and Nevaro?

Erika: It's great. Anyway, I'm ready to eat. I'll have 6 fish sticks, a root beer but instead a vanilla milkshake.

Erika's mom: Good choice. We'll have dinner and then we'll go back home.

(after dinner)

Lily: Who are you?

Erika's dad: I'm Diesel Rob Dawson, Erika's father.

Erika's mom: I'm Kimberly Dawson, Erika's mother. Anyway, you must be Lily.

Lily: I am.

Nevaro: And I'm Nevaro. 

Erika's dad: Lily and Nevaro, you two did a wonderful job babysitting our daughter.

Erika: Maybe, I might be a babysitter like you two and give Perry one more chance and I will bring my best friend Maya there as well. I hope he does well.


Towards the end, Erika brings up a part from Perry Goes to the Movies while grounded but this time, she trusts Perry to be better.

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