Zack-David/Evil Genius/himself


Erika, Zara and Annabelle have fun going swimming

Transcript Edit

Erika: Hey Mom?

Mom: What is it Erika, Zara and Annabelle?

Zara: Can we go swimming?

Dad: Yes you can.

Annabelle: Great idea. Let's get into our swimsuits.


Erika: Now we're in our bikinis, let's go swimming.

(6 hours later)

Erika: That was great.

Annabelle: Oh my god! It's our brother, Zack!

Zack: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Erika, Zara and Annabelle! How dare you go swimming! That's it! I'm telling mom and dad!

Dad: Erika, Zara and Annabelle, how was swimming?

Zara: It was great. Zack got Erika, Annabelle and I in trouble.

Dad: Thank you for telling me that, Zara. He is in super deep trouble.

Mom: Zack! Get down here right now!

Zack: What is it, Mom and Dad?

Dad: Zack! How dare you get your sisters in trouble! The reason why they could go swimming was because they were ungrounded! That's it! You're grounded for 12 days!

Mom: Go to your room now!

Zack: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Mom: Erika, Zara and Annabelle, we just grounded Zack for you. You girls are ungrounded for the rest of your lives. You can go swimming as much as you want.

Erika: Thanks mom and dad.

Zara: You two are the best parents ever.

Annabelle: Same.

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