Eric's dad-Diesel




Eric's mom-Kate


Eric gets expelled from school.


Eric: So why am I staying after school?

Teacher: Because you did not have any detention.

Eric: Okay, I will leave.

(in hallway)

Stephanie: And you see, Eric is the worst student ever.

Eric: Stop that! You are the worst student in this school! Get out of here!

Stephanie: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Lucy: How dare you talk smack to Stephanie?!

Teacher: I heard it in the classroom! Let's have a parent meeting in the conference room!

(in conference room)

Eric's dad: So why are we here?

Eric: Boring!

Principal: Did you just say "Boring" Eric?

Eric: No.

Principal: Good, because this meeting is important because of the way you acted! Anyway...

Eric (thinking): What should I do so I won't participate in this parent meeting? Got it!

Eric: Excuse me?

Principal: What is it this time Eric?

Eric: Can I go to the bathroom?

Principal: Yes, but be back in five minutes! We still need to have a stern word with you and your parents!

(in hallway)

Eric: I can't believe they fell for that! Now to go to the principal's office!

(back in the conference room)

Principal: Where's Eric? He should have been in the bathroom. I will go check. Diesel, Kate, Stephanie, Lucy, and Mrs. Shaw, wait here until I come back.

(at principal's office)

Eric: Now to change my voice to Steven. 


Eric (speaking in Steven's voice): Pulling on my vocal cords really hurt. Now to make the announcement.

(back in Conference room)

Eric (over intercom): Attention, Lucy McCall, please take off your blouse or you will be expelled.

Lucy: Why do I have to do that?

Teacher: You heard what the principal said. Now do it or else you will get expelled.

Lucy: Fine. It might be embarrassing.

(Lucy takes off her blouse revealing her bra)

Lucy: There, I took off my blouse.

Principal: I couldn't find Eric in the bathroom but anyway let's carry on with our...

(Principal sees Lucy in her bra as a dramatic sound plays)

Principal: Lucy Samantha McCall! What in the name of Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny is this and why are you in your bra?

Lucy: You told me to take off my blouse so I did as you said.

Principal: I never said anything like that! Forget the meeting! This meeting is postponed forever! 

Eric's dad: But we were only starting the meeting.

Eric's mom: Yes, our son is a terrible troublemaker!

Principal: I don't care! I never should have planned the meeting if it weren't for Lucy doing anything innapropriate!

(Eric's parents and the principal start fighting)

Teacher: Diesel, Kate, and Principal Steven, why are you fighting with each other?

Eric's dad: He started it!

Principal: I did not!

Eric's dad: If we can't finish this meeting, I'm sure Eric will be grounded for life!


This is the first time a troublemaker ruins a conference meeting after talking smack in school.

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