Characters Edit

Eric - himself

Caroline0204 - Diesel

Rosie (from Caillou) - Kendra

Principal Cathy - Ivy

Mom - Kate

Plot Edit

Normally, in Caillou gets Grounded, Rosie's voice was Ivy. However, in this video, I changed her voice because she is 12 and is too old for her voice to be Ivy so her new voice will remain during the future Caillou gets grounded series. Anyway, Caroline0204 has the class watch The Sound of Music but Eric does not want to watch the Sound of Music. Rosie tells Eric to calm down and not to tell the teacher what to do. He smashes the tape and gets grounded.

Transcript Edit

Caroline0204: Today, we'll be watching The Sound of Music.

Eric: What did you say we're going to watch?

Caroline0204: The Sound of Music.

Eric: I don't want to watch The Sound of Music! I hate that movie!

Rosie: Stop telling Caroline0204 what to do!

Caroline0204: Rosie is right, but, by the way Rosie, why isn't your voice Ivy?

Rosie: Because I'm 12, and I'm starting to get too old for my voice to be Ivy, so this voice is Kendra.

Eric: That's it! I'm going to break it!

(Eric breaks tape)

Caroline0204: That was the second tape you have broken! Report to Cathy's office!

Principal Cathy: Eric, I can't believe you had blown up in Caroline0204's class and smashed another VHS! That was the school's only copy of The Sound of Music! You're expelled! Go home now!

(at home)

Mom: Eric, I can't believe you had blown up in Caroline0204's class and smashed another tape! That's it! You are so grounded for the rest of your life!

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