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Eric's friend Brian wants to see the Fire and Rain musical at the Gaslight Theatre in Tucson, Arizona but Eric doesn't want to go.

Transcript Edit

Dad: Eric, we are going to see the Fire and Rain musical at the Gaslight Theatre in Tucson, Arizona because your friend Brian wants to see it.

Eric: No way, I want to see Spy Kids!

Mom: You are not seeing Spy Kids, you are seeing Fire and Rain musical, now get in the bus!

Eric: I don't want to see that musical!

Dad: Shut up, we're seeing that musical and that's final!

Eric: Can we go to Round Table Pizza?

Dad: There's food at the musical!

Eric: I'm so hungry!

Dad: Make it quick!

(in Tucson)

Dad: We finally made it but oh no, were late! The reason why you had to go was your friend wanted to see it but no, you had to make us late! The musical is nearly ending!

(applause is heard)

Dad: Eric, how dare you! That's it, we are going home!

(in bus)

Mom: Stop crying like a baby! It's your own fault!

Eric: All I wanted to do was see Spy Kids but I couldn't. That's why I had to make you late.

Mom: No! The reason why you had to come with us is because your friend really wanted to see it!

When we left, we heard applauding meaning the musical was over and people were exiting the theatre, we had to go fast or else we'll be in more trouble!

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