Eric's mom-Kate

Eric's dad-Brian


Stephanie Gavin-Kendra


For killing baby Annabelle, Eric was forced to attend her funeral, which he hates.


Eric: Man, I'm bored.

(Eric's parents enter crying)

Eric: Mom, why are you crying?

Eric's mom: You killed baby Annabelle yesterday so we're going to her funeral!

Eric: No way! I'd rather stay and watch Spy Kids 3D!

Eric's mom: You're going because A, it's a family event and B, Spy Kids 3D is made by Dimension Films!

(at church)

Priest: We've gathered together to mourn the death of baby Annabelle Dawson.

Stephanie Gavin: Annabelle was the best baby in the world, we learned to change her diapers and give her a bath.

Eric: No! She was not! Get off the stage Stephanie! I will give you the real speech!

Baby Anabelle was the worst person ever.

Her voice Ivy was a (bleep)!

(someone offscreen gasps)

Get out of this church now!

Eric's mom: Eric, that was the worst thing you have said to anyone in public! We are never going back to the church!

You're lucky everyone in church didn't come home to scold you! In the meantime, that was even worse than the one you said at both your grandmother and Ivy's funeral! You are grounded for 10 days!

Eric's Dad: Wow, look at that Eric! There are so many visitors who are here to see you!