Eric's dad-Paul

Eric's mom-Kimberly




Eric gets himself in a lot of trouble for interrupting Banjo and Krista's kiss.


Eric: I will interrupt this kiss.

(Eric interrupts kiss)

Krista: How dare you interrupt our kiss?!?!?

Teacher: Eric, you are a bad boy! Let's have a meeting in the conference room!

(in conference room)

Eric's mom: Not that troublemaker again!

Principal: So why are you two here?

Eric: Boring!

Principal: Excuse me, but did you just say boring?

Eric: No!

Principal: Good, because this meeting is important because of the way you acted!

Eric (thinking): What can I do to stop this meeting?

Eric: Excuse me.

Principal: What is it?

Eric: Can I use the bathroom?

Principal: Yes but be back in the conference room in five minutes! We need to have a stern word with you and your parents!

(in hallway)

Eric: I'm going to pull the fire alarm.

(back in conference room)

Principal: So I was saying...

(alarm rings)

Principal: Excuse me, but the fire alarm is going off. Please leave the building.

(outside of school building)

Firefighter: The good news is there is no fire. The bad news is someone pulled the fire alarm. 

Cathy: It was Eric who pulled the fire alarm!

Eric's dad: Eric Smith, how dare you pull the fire alarm! Now because of you, you ruined our conference meeting!

Eric's mom: Let's go home now!

(at home)

Eric's dad: Eric, how dare you interrupt Krista and Banjo's kiss! I also heard from a firefighter that you pulled the fire alarm and interrupted our conference meeting! This is the second conference meeting you ruined!

Eric: But I did not want to attend the meeting so that is why I pulled the fire alarm.

Eric's dad: No, when the fire alarm goes off, we take them seriously!

Eric's mom: You are grounded for 12 weeks! Go to your room now!


This is the second time Eric interrupts the conference meeting.

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