Dad-Young Guy



Eric's teacher passed away but Eric does not bother to miss her.


Eric: Mom and Dad why are you crying?

Dad: Your teacher Mrs. Patterson died due to a car crash so we're going to her funeral.

Eric: I will not go! She always suspends me!

Mom: Go there or you're grounded!

(at church)

Dad: Eric's teacher was the best ever. She taught him the driving class. Now Eric, it's your turn to share your thoughts about her.

Eric: Mrs. Patterson was the worst teacher of mine! I hated her! She even gets me in trouble even though I don't mean to destroy County Route 56! She always suspends and expels me for dumb reasons and I have no sympathy or sorrow for her at all!

Dad: Eric, how dare you talk that way about Mrs. Patterson! That was the most disrespectful speech I heard in my life! We're going home now!

(at home)

Mom: You're lucky everyone in church didn't come here to scold you! In the meantime, that was even worse than the one you said at your grandfather's funeral! You are grounded for three trillion days!