Teardropfan2014 (mentioned)


AYBAYBAYDOG1's mom-Kendra


Alex Kimble-Paul




Mr. Peter-Dave

Mrs. Catherine-Catherine


After Emily realized that TeardropFan2014 was killed by AYBAYBAYDOG1, she wanted revenge on him by getting him terminated.


Me: Before you watch this video, I just wanted to let you know that Emily is now 11 and her voice will no longer be Shy Girl so enjoy.

Emily: I hate AYBAYBAYDOG1! Yesterday, he killed TeardropFan2014 and I want revenge! What shall I do? I will get him terminated!

(15 minutes later)

Emily: There, now let's see how he reacts!

(at AYBAYBAYDOG1's house)

AYBAYBAYDOG1: Let's see what's on YouTube.

(computer reads Your account has been terminated)

AYBAYBAYDOG1: Mom, Emily just got me terminated!

AYBAYBAYDOG1's mom: Well, you deserve it for killing TeardropFan2014! You are grounded until your dying day!

(at Emily's house)

AYBAYBAYDOG1's mom: Thank you for terminating my son. I will call some visitors over.

(15 minutes later)

AYBAYBAYDOG1's mom: They're here.

YankieDude5000: I'm YankieDude5000 and I'm proud of you for terminating a bad user.

Alex Kimble: I'm Alex Kimble and you are neither a harasser nor troll.

Roadbuster: I'm Roadbuster.

Topspin: I'm Topspin.

Leadfoot: And I'm Leadfoot. We're from the Transformers. You won't watch anything not made by Disney, Fox or Paramount.

Mr. Peter: I'm Mr. Peter, AYBAYBAYDOG1's teacher. I'm sure he's the worst student of mine.

Mrs. Catherine: And I'm Mrs. Catherine and I agree with Mr. Peter.

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