Emily S-Kimberly

Emily S's dad-Steven

Emily S's mom-Salli

Emily M-Jennifer


Emily M's dad-Dallas


Emily S means Emily Strait and Emily M means Emily Movovolski. Only Emily M gets grounded.


Emily S: Hey Dad?

Emily S's dad: What is it Emily?

Emily S: Can I go to the movies?

Emily S's dad: Sure.

Emily S: I'm going to see someone along the way.

Emily S's mom: Okay but if she gets grounded you won't because you let us know first.


Emily S: Oh my god, who are you?

Emily M: I'm Emily Movovolski.

Emily S: We have the same first names but my full name is Emily Strait.

(at movies)

Harold: Why are there two Emilies here?

Emily M: We both have the same first names but with different surnames.

Harold: Oh.

(he passes out)

(at Emily M's house)

Emily M's dad: Emily Movovolski, where were you?

Emily M: I met this girl named Emily Strait and we went to the movies.

Emily M's dad: Emily Movovolski, how dare you go to the movies without letting me know? That's it! You are grounded for 10 days! Go to your room now! 

(at Emily S's house)

Emily S's dad: Emily Strait, where were you?

Emily S: I met a girl named Emily Movovolski and we went to the movies.

Emily S's dad: Even though you're supposed to be grounded for meeting other people, you're not grounded since you let us know.

Emily S's mom: You can do what you want.

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