Ellen's mom-Salli


Ellen's dad-Diesel



Ellen's mom would rather not do her paperwork.


Ellen's mom: I'm now at work. I really hate Ellen. I might play video games to pass the time.

Boss: Excuse me Salli but you have paperwork to do. Get it done right now.

(boss leaves)

Ellen's mom: Screw the paperwork! I'm throwing it away!

(she throws the paperwork in the garbage)

Ellen's mom: Now that the paperwork is thrown away, I will play Super Mario Bros.

Computer: Website blocked by boss!

Ellen's mom: Blocked again! I need to find a way to unblock this!

(15 minutes later)

Ellen's mom: Hooray! I unblocked the site! Now to play Super Mario Bros!

(cuts downstairs as boss hears Super Mario Bros theme music play)

Boss: Do I hear Salli playing Super Mario Bros instead of doing her paperwork?

(back to office)

Ellen's mom: Oh no! It's the boss!

Boss: Salli, where's your paperwork and why are you playing video games?

Ellen's mom: I think you are going to get mad when I say this. I threw my paperwork away and bypassed the filter site so I could play video games.

Boss: Salli, how dare you throw your paperwork away, delete the work's only website filter and play video games! You know we filter these sites at school or at work! That's it! You are fired! 

(at home)

Ellen's dad: Salli, how dare you get fired for throwing your paperwork away, deleting the website filter and playing video games! You are not supposed to do that at all!

Ellen: Your husband is right, Mom! Playing video games is the wrong choice to do at work!

Ellen's mom: But Diesel and Ellen, I'm sorry.

Ellen's dad: Sorry won't work! You are grounded until you get a new job!

Ellen: Your husband is right, Mom! You are grounded and that's a capital final! Go to your room now and don't come back until your husband and boss rehires you!

Ellen's mom (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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