Kawaii Sugarbunny-Ivy

Taylor Jolicoeur-Salli

Daniel Osborne-Dave

ElevatorLiker#1's dad-Dallas


ElevatorLiker#1 has a bad dream about Daniel Osborne beating him up.


ElevatorLiker#1: I am sick of tired that Emily washed my dad's car wearing her swimsuit. When I said, "That was phonography to do something like that", I really meant pornography. Anyway, maybe a good night sleep will keep my mind off of it.

(dream begins)

Kawaii Sugarbunny: I'm Kawaii Sugarbunny.

Taylor Jolicoeur: I'm Taylor Jolicoeur.

ElevatorLiker#1: And I'm ElevatorLiker#1.

Daniel Osborne: Stop! I will beat you up!

(ElevatorLiker#1 is beat up)

Kawaii Sugarbunny: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Taylor Jolicoeur: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

ElevatorLiker#1 (waking up from his dream): Wa wa wa wa wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

ElevatorLiker#1's dad: What is it son?

ElevatorLiker#1: I dreamt that Daniel Osborne beat me up! Even worse when Emily washed your car in her swimsuit! I told her it was phonography!

ElevatorLiker#1's dad: I believe you meant pornography. Phonography means the activity of sound writing, not sexual activity.

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