E/D's mom-Kimberly

E/D's dad-Paul




Eric and David's mom does not want to go to the Elmo's World Musical.


Ivy: I got myself voice surgery because I don't want to sound like a child. Anyway, Mom, we're all going to the Elmo's World Musical because I want to see it.

E/D's mom: Why?

Ivy: Because since my brothers made us late for the Sesame Street Musical, there are still tickets available for Elmo's World Musical.

E/D's mom: No! I'd rather stay at home and watch Shrek!

E/D's dad: Kate Smith, you are going because A, Ivy chose it and B, Shrek is made by Dreamworks! Get in the car right now!

(in car)

E/D's mom: Eric, I don't want to go!

Eric: Mom, for the 12th time, SHUT UP!

E/D's mom: Diesel, can we stop at McDonald's?

E/D's dad: No Kate! There is food at the musical!

E/D's mom: But I'm really really really really really really hungry!

E/D's dad: Fine! But make it quick!

(After many excuses, they made it)

E/D's dad: We made it but we're late! All we wanted to do was see this musical because Ivy wanted to see it but no!

(applause is heard)

E/D's dad: Oh no! We missed it! Kate, you are grounded when we go home!

(in car as Ivy is crying)

Eric: Mom, stop crying like a baby! This is your own fault!

E/D's mom: But Eric, David and Ivy, all I wanted to do was watch Shrek.

David: No, the big reason why you had to come with us was Ivy wanted to see it!

Ivy: Now look at what you made me do! You made me cry! You are the worst mother of mine! Sometimes, I wish I could disqualify myself from this family and live with Derek and Kumi!

(at home)

E/D's dad: Kate, you are grounded for 12 days! No Shrek for you!

E/D's mom (running upstairs): (Noodle's voice) Nooooooooooooooo!

Ivy: I can't stand this family anymore! I'm going to disqualify myself!

E/D's dad: Ivy, stop throwing a fit. Just because your mother made us late doesn't mean you should quit living with us because I have something special.

Ivy: What is it?

E/D's dad: It's Elmo's World the Musical on DVD so we can watch it on DVD.

Ivy: Thank you. Let's watch the musical here at home.