E/D's dad-Diesel

E/D's mom-Kate



Kate Smith would rather eat at a fancy restaurant than spend time at Ivy's birthday.


Eric: Hey Mom, it's my sister Ivy's birthday and we're going to Olive Garden.

E/D's mom: No way! I'd rather eat at a fancy restaurant!

E/D's dad: Kate, we are going to Olive Garden so get used to it!

(at Olive Garden)

David: This sure is the best part.

Ivy: I know.

E/D's mom: Eric, can I use the bathroom.

Eric: Yes, but make it quick.

E/D's mom: Screw this party. I'm going to a fancy restaurant.

David: Happy birthday dear Ivy. Happy birthday to you.

Ivy: Thank you for singing that but where's Mom?

Eric: It doesn't take a girl that long to go to the bathroom.

David: Wait a minute, she went to the fancy restaurant! 

(at Fancy Restaurant)

Eric: Mom, what are you doing here? You were supposed to join your daughter's birthday!

David: Eric is right! This is a family event!

(at home)

E/D's dad: Kate, you don't sneak out and go to a fancy restaurant! You almost had us worried sick, as we were about to call the cops on you!

E/D's mom: But Diesel, Eric, David and Ivy, I'm sorry.

E/D's dad: Don't "I'm sorry" me because that won't work at a time like this!

Ivy: How could you do this on my birthday! You are the worst mother of mine!

E/D's dad: You're lucky you are not getting Warren-style punishments but in the meantime, that was even worse than the day your son Eric ate Ivy's McDonald's! You are grounded for life! Go upstairs now!

E/D's mom (running upstairs): Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah!

E/D's dad: Your mother is the worst ever.

Eric: Yes she is.

David: I agree.

E/D's dad: So what do you say we celebrate your sister's birthday here instead?

Eric: Great idea.

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