Dylan's dad-Diesel

Dylan's mom-Kate

TJ-David/Evil Genius/Zack



Dylan is about to get in trouble but he tells the truth.


Dylan: Emily, do you look different?

Francine: I don't look different and my name is not Emily! I'm Francine!

Dylan: Sorry about that. I thought you were my girlfriend because you have the same attire as her but a different color.

Francine: Don't worry, you should tell your parents about this.

(at home)

Dylan's dad: So Dylan why are you here?

Dylan: I met this girl who I thought was my girlfriend but was actually Francine.

Dylan's mom: She wears purple but your girlfriend wears dark blue. Normally, we ground you for mistaking Francine for your girlfriend but since you told the truth, you are now ungrounded.

TJ: You can do whatever you like.

Cathy: You can even go on a date with your actual girlfriend as well.

Dylan: Thanks Mom, Dad, TJ and Cathy. You are the best.

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