Dylan hates his dinner so he throws it on the ground. Then Cathy, Mickeymcguinness7, and the family gives Dylan punishments (examples include: No bullying, No stealing, No harassing people, etc).


Dylan: I'm not eating this! I want to go to the movie theaters and see the Boss Baby!

Dad: No, we are having pork chops, spinach, and cauliflower at home, so eat your dinner right now!


Mom: No, Dylan, we are not seeing the Boss Baby, We are eating pork chops, spinach, and cauliflower at home and that's final! just eat your healthy dinner, or you can't have anything until later!

Dylan: That's it! I'm throwing everything away!

(Dylan knocks down the table)

Dad: Dylan, how dare you knock down the table and spoiled the pork chops, spinach, and cauliflower! that's it! you will have to suffer through the consequences once Mickeymcguinness7 gets here!

(Mickeymcguinness7 comes to Dylan's house)

Mickeymcguinness7: we will give you some punishments! Your first punishment is sending you to timeout!

(Dylan got sent to timeout)

Mickeymcguinness7: come to my second punishment when you are done with your half an hour time out!

Cathy: Your second punishment is that you will get a flu shot!

(Mickeymcguinness7 puts a needle on Dylan)

Dylan: That hurts, i hate flu shots!

Mickeymcguinness7: I don't care! Your third punishment is spankings!

(Mickeymcguiness7 and Dylan's family all spank Dylan)

Cathy: Your fourth punishment is that you will not be able to go to the Wonder Woman premiere when it comes out in theaters!

Mickeymcguinness7: Your fifth punishment is you will only go to School, Sunday School, and community service!

Cathy: Your sixth punishment is you will not be harassing anybody!

Mickeymcguinness7: Your seventh punishment is you will only read books that are made by Disney and PBS Kids

Cathy: Your eighth punishment is you will be babysitting Shimajiro Shimano and his friends and classmates!

Mickeymcguinness7: Your ninth punishment is watching Disney movies not made by Marvel and Lucasfilm!

Cathy: Your tenth punishment is you will go to Summer School and attend Remedial English just like Drake Parker did!

Mickeymcguinness7: Your eleventh punishment is you will take a hot shower!

Cathy: Your twelfth punishment is you will get all your stuff donated to charity except your bed and blanket!

Mickeymcguinness7: Your thirteenth punishment is you will only be allowed to eat fruits and vegetables!

Cathy: Your fourteenth punishment is your toys are being donated to the Koopalings!

(everyone donated Dylan's toys to the Koopalings)

Dylan: How dare you donate my toys to the Koopalings!

Mickeymcguinness7: that was too bad, Dylan, you should have eaten your pork chops, spinach, and cauliflower earlier at dinnertime!

Cathy: Your sixteenth punishment is you'll be watching Disney movies!

Mickeymcguinness7: Your seventeenth punishment is you will do chores around the house until it's clean!

Dylan: Mickeymcguinness7, Why do you have to this to me?

Cathy: we don't care! Your eighteenth punishment is you will not be allowed to bully other people.

Mickeymcguinness7: Your nineteenth punishment is you will be watching Shimajiro: A World of Wow!

Cathy: and last, but not least, Your twentieth punishment is we will not take you to see The Smurfs: The Lost Village this weekend!

Dad: Go to your room and go to bed right now, you are not going out with your friends until the 20th anniversary of Hercules! And starting tomorrow, you will watch The Lion King with Shimajirō Shimano and his friends and classmates everyday.

Dylan: (Darth Vader no soundclip)!