Cathy's dad-Diesel


Scar's dad (Ahadi)-Diesel



Although Cathy turns into a boy, her voice is still Eric


Cathy's dad: Cathy, how dare you go swimming with Evil Dylan while grounded? That's it! You are grounded until Thanksgiving 2015! As for your punishment, you are getting your gender swapped!

Cathy: Please no!

(in hospital)

Scar: Please Dad! I don't want to be a girl! Please let me stay home and make grounded videos out of Simba! Please! No!

Scar's dad: Too bad Scar! This is what you get for making a grounded video out of your brother Mufasa while grounded! When we go home, you will be grounded until Christmas! You'll be watching baby shows! Your nephew Simba will hate you for this, one day!

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Cathy's dad: Change my daughter's gender because she went swimming with Evil Dylan while grounded!

Doctor: Okay.

(Cathy is a boy)

Cathy: Oh no! Although I am a Boy, my voice is still Eric.

Cathy's dad: This is what you get for going swimming while grounded!

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