Summary: Edit

Ducky says she wants to eat at Sonic. But her mom said no because they were eating bagels. But when her mom realized her mistake, they go to Sonic anyway. When they got there, V of Doom ( You may have seen him from the video Scary Logos throw root beer at Caroline0204 and get grounded ) have a fight with his dad and asked him to engage him. V of Doom then gets grounded and carried to his home. When Ducky and her mom arrived here, Ducky ordered very few food due to the fact she does not want to get fat. She then gets ungrounded for behaving.

Transcript: Edit

( 1994 GoAnimate Pictures logo plays )

Ducky: Mommy.

Ducky's mom: Yes Ducky.

Ducky: Can I go to Sonic?

Ducky's mom: I'm afraid no.

Ducky: Okay.


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