Adrianna's mom-Susan

Dory's dad-Brian

Dory's mom, Alondra-Salli


Dory gets grounded for grounding Adrianna.


Dory: Adrianna, how dare you ground me for doing the Dougie? You know it's not up to you to ground me like that! You are grounded grounded grounded for one hundred twenty-three trillion, four hundred fifty-six billion, seven hundred eighty-nine million, one hundred one thousand, one hundred twelve centuries! Go to your room now!

(Adrianna enters the house angry)

Dory: I did it! I grounded Adrianna!

Adrianna: There she is! The one that grounded me!

Adrianna's mom: Really? Dory, how dare you ground Adrianna! That's it! I'm calling your parents!

(at home)

Dory's dad: Dory, how dare you ground Adrianna! You know can't do that! That's it!

Dory's mom: You are now grounded forever. 

Alondra: Go to bed now!

Dory: (same crying voice as Saddam from South Park)


This is the sequel to Dory Does the Dougie and gets Grounded.

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