Adrianna's mom-Susan


Dory apologizes to Adrianna.


Dory: Man, I feel bad. Last time when I did the Dougie, Adrianna grounded me but when I grounded her back, I got grounded even more. What should I do? I should apologize to her.

(at Adrianna's house)

Adrianna's mom: Dory, what are you doing here?

Dory: I came to apologize to your daughter. The only reason why I grounded her was because she grounded me for doing the dougie. That's considered being the rule police.

Adrianna: I heard it from downstairs and yes I had to ground you.

Dory: Why?

Adrianna: Because your parents were at work so you needed a babysitter.

Dory: Oh, now I see.


This is the sequel to Dory Grounds Adrianna.

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