Conference Teacher-Catherine

Dora's dad-Miguel

Dora's mom-Veena


Dora gets in trouble for not interrupting Butler and Hillary's kiss but also disrupting the meeting.


Dora: I will interrupt this kiss.

Butler: Dora, how dare you interrupt our kiss!

Hillary: We're telling!

Principal: Dora, you have been a bad girl! We're having a meeting!

(in conference room)

Dora's dad: Not that troublemaker again!

Conference Teacher: So what is it?

Dora: Boring!

Conference Teacher: Excuse me, did you just say boring to me?

Dora: Yes I did!

Conference Teacher: I don't care if this meeting is boring! You must sit through it!

Dora: No!

Conference Teacher: How dare you talk back to me! Anyways, Butler explain your... Dora, get down from the table!

Dora: I can sit wherever I like to!

(Dora sticks her tongue and does a thumbs down gesture)

Conference Teacher: Dora, how dare you taunt at me! One more outburst like that and you will get a one way ticket!

Dora: Where? Mexico?

Conference Teacher: No! To the principal's office! You have to pack this up!

Dora: Where? In a suitcase?

Conference Teacher: Dora Marquez, this is your final warning! Keep this up and this meeting will be called off!

Dora: Fine, Wanker! You need to get a life!

Conference Teacher: That's enough, Dora Marquez! How dare you call me a Wanker! That's it! This meeting is off! 

(at home)

Dora's dad: Dora, how dare you interrupt Butler and Hillary's kiss and then disrupt our meeting! That's it! You are grounded forever!

Dora's mom: Go to your room now!

Dora (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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