Police Officer-Kidaroo

Dora's mom-Veena

Dora's dad-Miguel (Spanish voice)


Because Dora gave a bad speech at the wedding, Dora decides to get the entire Trinity Christian Center church congregation arrested so they won't come home with Dora's family.


Dora's mom: Dora, that was the worst thing you have said to anyone in public! That's it! We are never going back to the Trinity Christian Center!

(on street)

Dora: Why does everybody have to come home! They are not invited here! I will get the church congregation arrested so they won't come home! First, I will litter a soda!

Gloria: We are so mad at Dora so we're going to her house to scold her!

Tatiana: Hey, who littered the soda!

Police Officer: All of you are under arrest for littering a soda!

Lillian: But officer, we're only going to Dora's house because she made a bad speech at the wedding and on the way, we saw the soda lying on the ground!

Police Officer: Stop lying to me and get in the car!

(in jail)

Police Officer: This is your jail cell! You will stay here for 700 days! 

Samantha: I could not believe we're in jail for something we didn't do! Wait a minute! It was Dora Marquez who got us arrested when we were trying to go to Dora's house!

(at home)

Dora's dad: You will now apologize to everyone in this room and yourself now! 

Dora: I can't.

Dora's dad: Why not?

Dora: I got everyone in the Trinity Christian Center arrested!

Dora's dad: Dora, how dare you get everyone in the Trinity Christian Center arrested! 

Dora: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dora's mom: Shut your mouth and you are grounded for 10 days!

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