Characters Edit

Dora: Kayla

LouieLouie95: Scary Voice

Dora's Dad: Miguel

Dora's Mom: Veena

Custard: Jennifer

Transcript Edit

  • Dora: I am going to change LouieLouie95's voice
  • LouieLouie95: (now speaking in a scary voice) No no no no no! Change it back!
  • Dora's Dad: (Brian's voice) Dora! How dare you change Louielouie95's voice? That's it!
  • Dora's Mom: You are grounded forever and for that, you'll be killed by Custard!
  • Custard: DIE!
  • (censored)
  • Custard: I hope you taught a lesson for changing LL95's voice!