Dora's dad-Miguel, Eric

Dora's mom-Veena

New Anchor Rosie-Salli


Fred's mom (Palmer)-Callie




Dora's mom freaks out at dinner.


Dora: This meal tastes great.

Dora's mom: I am not having this! I want Wendy's!

Dora's dad: Veena, we are not having Wendy's! We are having Carraba's Italian so eat it!

Dora: I agree with your husband! Eat your dinner right now!

Dora's mom: That's it! I'm throwing the dinner away!

(She throws dinner away)

Dora's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Veena, how dare you throw our dinner in the garbage! That's it! You are so grounded when we get home!

Dora: And we're going to watch the news!

(at home)

Dora's dad: I think we might be in trouble and Veena, you're standing!

Dora's mom: But...

Dora's dad (voice changes to Eric): STAND!

(news starts)

News Anchor Rosie: Hello, I'm Rosie McDonnell Thompson with the news. Our top story is that a mother named Veena Marquez freaked out over not getting Wendy's so she knocked down the dinner table and threw her husband and daughter's meal away. With me is the server, Lucy McCall. Lucy, can you tell me what happened?

Server: I was taking orders from customers when Veena freaked out for no reason all because she wanted Wendy's so she knocked the table down and Veena, if you're watching this, you're banned from coming to this restaurant forever!

News Anchor Rosie: Thank you Lucy. We have another guest, Palmer. She's going to tell her side of the story.

Tuclan's Mom: Well, we were eating dinner until Veena threw her meal, which hit my son Tuclan.Thanks to her, he is now under his covers crying and sobbing like a baby! He can't stop crying! I really hate you Veena and I wish you would burn in Hell! Now you are going to pay a $1300 fine thanks to you!

Dora's dad (Simon's voice): A $1300 fine!?!? That's more than the price of the house! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Veena, you are in big trouble!

News Anchor Rosie: More news coming after the break.

(news ends)

Diego: Dora, I heard that your mom was on the news.

Dora: Yes, and she knocked down the dinner table at Carraba's!

Diego: What? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Veena, how dare you knock down the dinner table! That's it! Storm the Albatross is beating you up!

(Storm appears)

Storm: Prepare to die!

(censored, screen turns static)