Donald, Douglas-Steven

Ann Nguyen-Salli

Spiteful Brakevan-Dave

Devious Diesel-Wise Guy


This is my first grounded video out of Thomas and Friends. Anyway, Donald and Douglas get grounded for putting my bestie in her bikini.


Donald: I'm Donald.

Douglas: And I'm Douglas. Today we're going to put the creator's bestie Ann Nguyen in her bikini.

(Ann Nguyen arrives)

Donald: Stand back. We're going to put you in your bikini.

Ann Nguyen: Oh no!


Douglas: Hooray! We put Ann in her bikini!

Ann Nguyen: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Donald and Douglas, how dare you two put me in my bikini? That's it! I'm taking you to Devious Diesel and Spiteful Brakevan!

(after Donald and Douglas were taken back to the shed)

Spiteful Brakevan: Donald and Douglas, how dare you put the creator's bestie in her bikini? You both were not supposed to do that at all!

Devious Diesel: Spiteful Brakevan is right guys! Putting people in their bikinis is the wrong choice!

Donald: But Devious Diesel and Spiteful Brakevan, we're sorry.

Douglas: I agree with Donald.

Devious Diesel (Angry Grandpa sound clip): I DON'T GIVE A SH*T!

Spiteful Brakevan: You are grounded grounded grounded for 1000 days! Go to your rooms now!

Donald and Douglas: (Lil DeVille crying sound effect from Rugrats episode Together at Last)

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