Diesel Smith-himself




Ivy (mentioned)

Denise Crystal-Catherine

Alan Crystal-Alan

Kumi (mentioned)


Pilot-Wise Guy


Eric and David's father puts Lucy in her swimsuit and he is sent to Scotland as his punishment.


Diesel Smith: I'm Diesel Smith and today I will put Lucy in her swimsuit.

(Lucy arrives)

Diesel Smith: Stand back. I will put you in your swimsuit.

(Puts Lucy in her swimsuit)

Diesel Smith: Yes! I put Lucy in her swimsuit!

Lucy: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Diesel Smith, how dare you put me in your swimsuit! That's it! I will put my clothes back on!

(She puts her clothes back on)

Lucy: Now to send you to Eric and David!

(When Diesel was taken back home)

Eric: Dad, how dare you put Lucy in her swimsuit! You can't do that!

David: Eric is right Dad! You know putting girls in their swimsuits is rude, unexpected, and the wrong choice!

Diesel Smith: Eric and David, where's Ivy?

Eric: Ivy's at daycare! Anyway, you are grounded for 7 years! As for your punishment, you will be sent to Scotland and stay there for 7 years!

David: Eric is right Dad! Let's go to the airport!

(at airport)

Denise Crystal: Please Alan, I don't want to go to Scotland. Please let me stay at home and go to fancy restaurants.

Alan Crystal: Too bad Denise! This is what you get for ditching Kumi's birthday and for escaping jail! 

Guard: Your flight is ready.

(on plane)

Pilot: All clear for takeoff.

(7 hours later)

Pilot: Welcome to Scotland.

(at the hotel in Scotland)

Diesel Smith (guilty): Now I went a bit too far. It looks like I will have to stay in Scotland for 7 years.

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