Joseph-David/Evil Genius/Zack


Joseph and Diana's dad-Diesel


Jock's mom-Callie

Piercing Artist-Professor


Joseph's sister Diana is getting her belly button pierced for the first time and she is brave.


Joseph and Diana's dad: Diana, we have some good news. Since you are 17, you are going to get your belly button pierced for the first time so be brave.

Diana: Is this similar to getting a flu shot?

Joseph: No Diana. It just hurts a little.

(at the piercing place)

Jock's mom: Please Jock, I don't want my belly button pierced. I really didn't mean to ask you if you could engage me at Wendy's.

Jock: Too bad Mom! This is what you get for freaking out over the lack of chocolate frosties and yes, you did mean to ask if I could engage you!

Piercing Artist: The artist is here.

Joseph: Diana, be brave.

Piercing Artist: Diana, can you remove your blouse?

(Diana removes her blouse to reveal her bra)

Piercing Artist: This will only hurt 5 to 10 minutes.

(he pierces Diana's belly button)

Diana: Ow. That hurt but not too long.

Joseph and Diana's dad: Diana, thank you for not crying. You are not grounded. When we go home, you will get a special treat.

Diana: Thank you.