My teacher-Kate


Derek's dad-Alan

Derek's mom-Catherine



Derek is a "hall monitor" at school. He keeps Murray and Lily from going to the bathroom. Later in my class, I tell the teacher I have to go to the bathroom. The teacher also tells me that I didn't receive any checks because I did well in class. (My class has the 10-check system like Dora's class). When I go to the hallway, Derek catches me and gives me a check. I walk back to the classroom and tell the teacher Derek gave me a check. She tells me that it was a false accusation because as the teacher and I walk in the hallway, I call the principal and get Derek in trouble.


Derek: I'm going to pretend to be a hall monitor.

(Murray walks in the room)

Derek: Murray, you get a strike!

Murray: I didn't do anything! You're the worst hall monitor!

Derek: Lily, get back to the class! 

Lily: I didn't do anything!  

(in my class)

Teacher: Today let's see what happening to the check system so far. So far Mickeymcguinness7 did not earn a check because of his bad behavior.

Mickeymcguinnesss7: Thank you but can I go to the bathroom?

Teacher; Sure you can.

Derek: Hey, you don't have a hall pass! You get a check!

(I walk back in the room)

Mickeymcguinness7: Hey, that's not fair! I do not deserve a check from the hall monitor! By the way, hall passes do not exist!

Teacher: Let's walk together in the hallway.

(the teacher and I walk in the hallway)

Mickeymcguinness7: Derek, are you really a hall monitor?

Derek: Yes I am a hall monitor! You do not have the right to tell me what to do!

Teacher: Yes we do in this case! Mickeymcguinness7 does not deserve a check!

Derek: But he went in the hallway without a pass!

Teacher: Only we discipline students! Besides, you are not a real hall monitor! You lied to us!

Mickeymcguinness7: That's it! I'm calling the principal! This is Mickeymcguinness7, the creator of this video! Derek sent two students and likewise me back to class! Please suspend him! Thanks!

Principal: Derek, come to my office!

(in principal's office)

Principal: At our school, we don't pretend to be the hall monitor and send students back to their classes for dumb reasons! That's it! You are expelled for 12 weeks! I'm going to call your parents and your sister Kumi!

(at house)

Derek's dad: Derek, the principal and the video creator just called me, my wife and Kumi! They told us you pretended to be the hall monitor! You are not allowed to do that!

Derek's mom: Your father is right, Derek! Pretending to be the hall monitor is rude and the wrong choice!

Kumi: Go to your room and stay there until Christmas!

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