Derek's dad-Alan

Derek's mom-Catherine



After Derek killed the school's hall monitor the other day, he is forced to attend his funeral, which he doesn't like.


Derek: I'm bored.

(Derek's mom, dad and Kumi appear crying)

Derek: Mom, Dad and Kumi, why are you here and why are you crying?

Derek's dad: You killed the school's hall monitor yesterday so we're going to his funeral!

Derek: No way! I am not going!

Derek's mom: You are going because this is an order!

Kumi: Go there now or you're grounded!

(at church)

Derek's dad: The school's hall monitor was the best ever. He always made sure students were safe and did the right things. Derek, now it's your turn to share your thoughts about him.

Derek: The hall monitor was the worst in school! I hated him and so did other students! He also gave me a check for no reason even though it was only the teacher's job to do that! I have no sympathy or sorrow for him at all!

Derek's dad: Derek, how dare you talk that way about the hall monitor! That was one of the most disrespectful speeches I've heard in my life! You are grounded!

(at home)

Kumi: You are lucky that everyone in church didn't come back home to scold you! In the meantime, that was even worse than the day you killed Barney! You are grounded for 3 trillion days!

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