Denise Sr-Catherine


Denise Jr-Kendra



Derek gets punishments from his mom, dad and his two sisters for misbehaving at dinner.


Derek: I am not eating that! I want McDonald's!

Alan: No! We are not having McDonald's! We are having pasta so eat it!

Derek: No way, I'm throwing everything away!

Alan (after Derek threw everything away): How dare you throw the dinner at the wall!

Denise Sr: When we go home, we will give you punishments!

(at home)

Alan: First punishment, barfing!

(Alan barfs on Derek)

Alan: Denise's turn now!

Kumi: Hey!

Alan: Kumi, it's not your turn to barf on Derek!

Kumi: I know but what Denise do you mean? Do you mean my sister or my mom?

Alan: Kumi, I meant your mom!

Kumi: Carry on.

Alan: Sorry, I wasn't being specific! Denise Sr's turn now!

(Denise Sr barfs on Derek)

Alan: Denise Jr's turn now!

(Denise Jr barfs on Derek)

Alan: Finally, Kumi's turn now!

(Kumi barfs on Derek)

Kumi: Second punishment, nappies!

Derek: You better not put a nappy on me!

Kumi (after Derek's nappy is on): There! Now you will make a sissy and poop in your nappy rather than the toilet!

Denise Jr: Last punishment, turn you into a baby!

Derek (Shy Girl's voice): I'm sorry for misbehaving at the restaurant!

Alan: You will stay as a baby for the rest of your life!

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