Derek's mom-Catherine


Macy Whitehouse-Ivy

Hannah Whitehouse-Kate

Natalie Blackstone-Grace

Hilary Marigold-Susan

Jimmy (Jimmy Two Shoes)-Young Guy

Derek's angry voice-Simon

Derek's furious voice-Scary Voice

Derek's dad-Alan

Sarah West-Joanna

Fievel Mousekewitz-Ivy

Kooky Von Koopa-Emma

Shawn Brunner-Steven





Derek gets into a lot of trouble for destroying the entire Burger King restaurant for not getting what he wanted. At the end, he gets beaten up by Custard.


Derek: Hey, Mom.

Derek's mom: What is it, Derek?

Derek: Can we go to Burger King?

Derek's mom: No. 

Derek: Why not? 

Derek's mom: Because the last time we went to Burger King, you gave that little kid who ordered the last Oreo shake a wedgie and slapped his face. His mom nearly sued us.

Derek: I know, but I promise I'll be good this time.

Derek's mom: Fine, but this is coming out of your own wallet this time.

Derek: Yay!

(at Burger King)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Derek's mom: I would like a salad with a Diet Coke.

Derek: I'll have twenty piece chicken nuggets, large French fries, a medium Coke and an Oreo shake.

Clerk: I'm sorry, to say this, but all the Oreo shakes are sold out.

Derek: Again? You've got to be joking! 

Clerk: Don't feel bad, young man. How about a soft serve cone instead?

Derek: Why?

Derek's mom: Because, Derek, all the Oreo shakes are sold out. Why don't you have a soft serve cone instead?

Derek (shouting in Simon's voice): NO WAY! THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY'RE SOLD OUT OF OREO SHAKES! 

Derek's mom: Derek, stop shouting! This is a restaurant. You can either have a soft serve cone, or you can have nothing at all. 

(Derek sees Macy Whitehouse holding an Oreo shake)

Derek: Hey! That little girl has the last Oreo shake! 

(Derek runs over to Macy)

Derek: Hey! You! Give me that Oreo shake!

Macy: Why? It's mine. My big sister, Hannah, ordered it for me. 

Derek: Your sister ordered the last Oreo shake for you? That's it! I'm gonna punch you now!

(Derek punches Macy)

Macy (crying): Oooowwwww! That hurt! 

(Macy runs off crying in Bubbles' voice)

Derek's mom: Derek, how dare you hit that little girl just because she has the last Oreo shake? Please Apologize to her right now!


Derek's mom: Derek, This is your last warning! Either apologize to the girl and have the soft serve cone or else we are going straight back home Your choice.


Derek's mom: You'd better not, you will face time in jail if you do so. 


(Derek destroys Burger King and attacks the customers. He throws a table and crushes Macy's leg)

Fievel: (Larry's voice) Noooooooooooo! (normal voice) Not this again!

Macy: Hannah! Help me! I broke my leg! I broke my leg! 

Shawn Brunner: (screams in Leonardo's voice from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Kooky Von Koopa: (Wilt's voice) No no no no no no no no no no no no noooooooo!

Alison: Oh no!

(Burger King was eventually destroyed in a blazing inferno)

Derek's Mom: Oh my god! How dare you destroy Burger King? That's it, Derek! We're going straight back home right now, and you're getting nothing at all!

Derek: Mom, can we please go back and get a soft-serve cone?

Derek's mom: No, absolutely not. We are not going back to Burger King Just Because You Destroyed It. We Are Home Right Now.

(At home)

Derek's dad: What happened here? I can see that Derek is crying. Please don't tell me he got in trouble again. 

Derek's mom: Well, you will not believe this. He caused a huge resonance cascade which completely destroyed a local Burger King restaurant, hurting a little girl very badly, and now we have to pay a lot of money thanks to Derek's resonance cascade!

Derek's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Derek, how dare you cause a resonance cascade at a local Burger King? You know you could get arrested for something like that! That's it! You are grounded until the 20th anniversary of Mulan! 

Kumi: Normally I would say go to your room right now and starting tomorrow, you will watch The Lion King with Shimajirō Shimano and his friends and classmates everyday, but instead I'll say this. Custard is going to beat you up! Custard, beat up Derek!

(Custard appears)

Custard: This is what you will get for wanting an Oreo milkshake instead of the soft-serve cone. Now I'm going to smash your body! Prepare to die!


Custard: (in his TV show voice) Yes! (normal voice) Derek is dead! Derek is dead forever and will burn in hell.

Derek's mom: Unbelievable! Derek's behavior was even worse and more horrible than Starscream's behavior. 

Kumi: I agree. He doesn't have a life. I hope Heaven will teach Derek a lesson.

(Meanwhile at a local hospital, Macy is bedridden and her leg is in a cast)

Hannah: Are you okay, Macy?

Macy: Yeah, I guess. I can't believe I have to wear a cast for a few weeks. Hannah, do you think I'll be able to walk again after they take my cast off?

Hannah: I'm pretty sure you will. Those tables and chairs at fast-food places look really heavy. No wonder you got injured when Derek threw one of the tables at you. You should be lucky that you only broke your leg during that rampage at Burger King.

Natalie: Yeah, you should.

Macy: I guess I am lucky. But it was horrible. We barely escaped with our lives. I'm so glad we made it out of there alive and that those medics came to my rescue.

Natalie: So are we, Macy. We're so glad we survived during the destruction of Burger King. Derek can be pretty destructive and chaotic when things don't go his way. I don't know why these troublesome people in GoCity always act like that when they don't get what they want.

Hilary: I don't know, either. Man, I sure wish Derek didn't have such a horrible temper.

Natalie: Don't we all?

Hannah: Don't you get bored when you're recovering from a serious injury in a hospital, Macy?

Macy: Uh, yeah, kind of.

Hannah: Well, I brought you a DVD of Jimmy Two Shoes Season 2, Volume 1 so you can watch all 12 episodes during the next 3 weeks of your time in the hospital. How does that sound?

Macy: Oh, I would love that!

(Macy watches Jimmy Two Shoes while she is recovering, and Hannah gives her a stuffed animal to keep her company)

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