Characters Edit

Derek - Simon, Brian

Derek's Dad - Alan

Derek's Mom - Catherine

Odus - Ivy

Plot Edit

Derek's reward is he gets his own voice back for killing Odus from Candy Crush Saga

Transcript Edit

Derek: I feel so bummed out, My voice is Simon because I put my sister Kumi in a bikini. What can I do to calm myself down? I got it. I will play Candy Crush.

Derek: What the (bleep) is that? Odus is the worst part of the game! That's it! I will go to Candy Crush Saga World and kill Odus so I won't lose the game!

(at Candy Crush World)

Odus: Hi Derek! How's it going?

Derek: It's bad! I hate you because you ruin everybody's game! I'm going to kill you so you won't wreck everybody's game!

Odus: No! Don't kill me!

Derek: Too bad!

Odus (as he's being shot): Waaaaaaaaa!

(Odus is dead)

Derek: Now Odus the Owl is dead. No more interrupting anyone's games

Derek's Dad: Thank you for killing Odus the owl.

Derek's Mom: I was stuck on level 6 of Candy Crush Dreamworld because Odus kept on falling but now the game's much easier thanks to you

Derek's Dad: You are now ungrounded for life and your reward is you get your own voice back

Derek (now speaking in Brian's voice): Thank you mom and dad, You are the best

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