Derek kills Mary Moo Cow and gets grounded is a GoAnimate video.




Mary Moo Cow-Belle

Kid 1-Shy Girl

Kid 2-Ivy

Kid 3-Tween Girl

Kid 4-Kimberly

Derek's dad-Alan

Derek's mom-Catherine



Derek gets in trouble for killing Mary Moo Cow because it's his sister Kumi's favorite TV show.


Derek: I wonder what's on TV

Announcer: And now, Mary Moo Cow!

Derek: I hate Mary Moo Cow! Kumi always sees it and I want Dark Bunny to be aired on TV.

I got it! I will kill Mary Moo Cow!

Mary Moo Cow: Oh Derek, Oh Derek, give me a hug!

Derek: No it should go like this! Mary Moo Cow Mary Moo Cow, we hate you! Your show is lame every show is the same!


Derek: Mary Moo Cow is dead! I will watch Dark Bunny!

Kid 1: He killed Mary Moo Cow!

Kid 2: Derek, you're in so much trouble!

Kid 3: That's so mean!

Kid 4: I'm calling your parents right now!

(at home and Kumi is crying like Custard)

Derek's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Derek! How dare you kill Mary Moo Cow! That was your sister's favorite TV show and you made her cry!

Derek: But she's stupid and annoying!

Derek's mom: We don't care! You are grounded for 6123742281079142468864868987487487478477878774367569484738098034874804784780808080887348798079807380998073480397980809782098072809278090987807907999877683878387873958035809680772782872104982784903904984989404444444444444444389498419044444444444444444444444444440000000000074256472526775225 billion millenniums! Go to your room now!

Kumi: And don't come out when Dark Bunny is cancelled!


Based on the Arthur episode "The Last of Mary Moo Cow."